SkyFall League Rules

SkyFall Rules





  • Any Player wanting to play in the SFL must meet the rank requirement. The rank requirement is Gold 5 0LP, to Diamond 5 100LP in Solo/Duo Queue on the North American server.
  • Any player wanting to participate in the SFL must be of a Level 60 or above to be eligible to participate.
  • Upon breaching the rank requirement, said player will be unable to compete in the SFL until their rank drops to meet the requirement.

Players were to be ranked a maximum of Diamond 5 in the previous ranked season (Season 7)




  • Any Team wanting to play in the SFL must meet the required average mmr to be eligible to play in the league. The average mmr that the team needs to be within to play is 1500 MMR to 1900 MMR.
  • Individual players MMR will be determined using

For Example(s): 1869 + 1463 + 1662 + 1856 + 1507 / 5 = 1671

    1803 + 1810 + 1796 + 1812 + 1810 / 5 = 1800




  • Each team is required to have 5 starting players, and are allowed up to 2 substitutes
  • In the event substitutes are required, teams may pull any sub that they have registered on their team.
  • Adding players to your roster MUST be done three days before an official match.



Emergency Subs

  • If the situation arises where you must add an emergency sub (a substitute not listed by your team and/or after the three day  grace period), the sub added will be listed as an emergency sub for the next match.
  • An addition of an emergency sub will result in the loss of phase 1 bans (first 3 bans).
    • Note: These penalties for emergency subs apply to EVERY game within the series that an emergency sub(s) are participating in.
  • An emergency sub cannot supersede one rank above the substituted player . For example: A player that is ranked Gold 3 and requires an emergency sub, may be subbed out for a ranked Gold 2 or below player.
  • Emergency subs must be verified before the official match by an official SFL Admin.




  • Rescheduled matches must be confirmed by both teams three days before original scheduled match.
  • Reschedules must be confirmed with both Team Captains and a SFL Admin must be notified.



Game Day

  • Sides are decided on the schedule.
    • The left side indicated on the schedule is blue side and the right side  indicated on the schedule is red side.
  • Teams must be in the SFL Discord and their respective voice channel 15 minutes prior to an official match.
  • The lobby MUST be made by the blue side team 10 minutes prior to an official match.
    • Failure to start an official match on time will result in punishment for the team delaying:
      • 5 minutes late – 1 lost ban
      • 10 minutes late – 2 lost bans
      • 15 minutes late – 3 lost bans
      • 20 minutes late – No bans
      • 25 minutes late – Game 1 Forfeit
      • 30 minutes late – Series Forfeit

    Note: Punishments apply to every game in the series.

  • A team representative of the blue side will create the game lobby with the following settings:
    • 1. Map: Summoner’s Rift
    • 2. Team Size: 5
    • 3. Allow Spectators: Open
    • 4. Game Type: Tournament Draft II
    • 5. The lobby must be appropriately named after the teams playing.
      • Ex. “Team one’s abbreviation vs Team two’s abbreviation”
    • 6. An appropriate password must be created and communicated to the red side’s team.
    • Players must line up in LCS order.



Champion Select

  • If a lobby is to be remade, each team must choose the same bans and picks unless both teams’ representatives agree to restart the champion selection process.
  • Team coaches can communicate with their players during the champion select phase, but not during gameplay.
  • Prodraft will be allowed, but will require the confirmation from BOTH Team Captains.



Pre Season

  • Pre-season will begin on October 13, 2018 and end on October 20, 2018.
  • Wins and losses will not apply to regular season records.



Regular Season

  • The season will begin on October 27, 2018 and end on February 9, 2019.
  • All regular season games will follow a Best of Three format.
    • The listed “Blue Side” team will be given the choice to start blue or red side.
  • The two participating teams will switch between blue side and red side after every game until a winner is declared.
  • The season will consist of 16 weeks with the matches being scheduled on Saturdays at 8:00pm EST.




  • The post-season starts on February 23, 2019 and ends on March 9, 2019.
  • The top 6 teams will proceed to the playoff bracket.
    • Teams 1 and 2 will get a semi-final bye.
    • Teams 3-6 will play in the quarter finals.
  • The 6th seed will be determined by a playoff Gauntlet.




  • Proceeding regular season, teams placed 6th, 7th, and 8th place, will play in a Gauntlet format tournament to see who will represent the 6th seed in quarter finals.



Gaming Rules and Regulations

  • Disconnections
    • If a player is unable to connect at the start of the game and/or disconnects in the middle of the game, the team  can pause for an allotted time of up to fourteen minutes to allow all players to connect. If fourteen minutes have passed, the game is to be unpaused and continued.

Note: The team with the disconnect has the option to forfeit at this point rather than play out a 4v5.

  • Pauses
    • Each team has an allotted fifteen minutes of pause time.
      • After the allotted fifteen minutes have been used, the game must resume. (Even if the issues that caused the pause still persist)
    • Ready checks must be used.
      • If a team is not ready by fifteen minutes of pause time (1 minute of ready check included has passed) the team waiting is allowed to unpause regardless of the enemy team being ready or not.



Conduct and Behavior

  • Any behavior that is deemed discriminatory or overly toxic will be handled by  Staff.
  • Trash talk and banter will not be tolerated in ALL chat inside of games..
  • Any infractions will hold the team’s Captain responsible and will fall on that Team Captain to see that the player will not repeat prior offenses.
  • Using a champions in-game joke, taunt, laugh or dance in game (excluding pre- 1:30 game time) is not allowed.
  • Binding emotes to spells so that they appear every time will not be tolerated.
    • Players who refuse to unbind emotes from spells will be not allowed to participate in the league..
  • Recall BM will not be tolerated!
    • Ex. When you have a kill secured and you perform recall animation before killing them.
  • Smurfing will NOT be tolerated, punishments will be made against the team responsible.
  • Teams are expected to display competitive integrity and abide by these rules within any official match.


The SFL reserves the right to remove players and/or teams from the league.