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Season 5 Nightfall Team Introductions

NF Galaxy

To start off, NF Galaxy is a team that is directly sponsored by Nightfall Gaming, and will be representing the organization in the upcoming season. The team itself has only been together for a couple of weeks, but has been practicing hard and constantly learning with the help of VT Woof as their coach. Also returning to the roster are three veterans (DeezGames, xrsx, and Obilisc) that will be entering their third season of the Nightfall Premier League. Interestingly enough, four of the six members attend Virginia Tech, which already makes this team a group of friends outside of the game itself. Leadership is evenly split between VT Cronologic as the team captain and DeezGames as the primary shot caller. When asked which player other teams should keep an eye on, I was told that VT Cheese has the potential to outplay others, but can play safe and conservatively if needed. NF Galaxy is confident about the upcoming season, but they are not going to be over-confident because they know other veteran teams will be difficult opponents.


Crown Royal

Crown Royal was originally started by ADC joepapi and a group of friends that were looking to experience a competitive environment. The team was started 6 months ago, but has recently incorporated a couple of new members, making them a mixed bag of synergy. According to joepapi, they are a group of friends that are able to handle business when necessary. With the jungler JPS handling the role of in-game leader, joepapi is able to handle the role of being an outside-the-game captain. Speaking of JPS, he is the player that the other Nightfall teams should fear, but not much detail was given as to why this was the case. Overall, Crown Royal feels that they are sitting at an 8 out 10 on the confidence scale when asked about their chances against the other teams. Again, not much is known about the squad, but it is clear that they shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Revenants Skyline

Revenants Skyline will be entering from the Revenants Esports League, which is a community based organization that hosts its own community events and is home to a multitude of teams. Although the group of five players has only been together for about a month, Big Brother, Haru, and Memoir have been playing together since July of 2018. Also, Kami and Bophades have been a duo bot lane for years, making them quite a synergistic and competitive threat. Leadership is split between Haru and Kami, and the team has valuable resources through their analyst and coach. I was informed that all players are potential threats, with the most regard being given to Big Brother, who has an aggressive play-style and is no stranger to obtaining solo kills. Revenants Skyline are extremely confident in their performance this season.


Ascentia White

Ascentia Gaming is an organization that became well-known at the start of the last Nightfall Season. Centered around the success and growth of its members, Ascentia aims to be the best in all competitive environments, and highly values trust and comradery between its members. Ascentia White finished in third place at the end of Nightfall Season 4, and will feature the return of the All-Star bot lane duo of DxD Kiba and PRIM SeaWolf. DxD Kiba has since became the leader of the team outside of the game, and PRIM SeaWolf has taken over the primary shot-calling duties for the team. Ascentia White has undergone a lot changes to the team itself and the coaching staff, and is fully incorporating a 10-man roster for the upcoming season. It is unclear how this strategy will work for them until we see results, but coach Sidvultor is confident in his players’ abilities. Sidvultor also stated that teams should fear the talent of all the players on the team, and the multitude of playstyles that they can incorporate into their strategy.


Recon White

Recon 5 is a new organization entering Nightfall this season. With teams involved in Rocket League, Call of Duty, and League of Legends, Recon 5 is no stranger to tournaments and competitive environments. Owner PrettyBoy states that all forms of competition are taken very seriously, and plans on obtaining first place in this season of Nightfall. The team itself has been together for about four months, and has been diligently practicing since the initial formation. The hard work ethic of all the players has led to friendships, but business is clearly at the top of the list. Notable players on the roster are Swifte, Tonzo, and Zeyd, who have all been on the team since its inception. Their growth and commitment to performing well are clear indications of a successful season. All players on this squad have the potential to be considered a threat, but Tonzo is notorious for single-handedly taking over games through the top lane. As stated before, Recon White expects a first-place finish due to their top-tier macro play and individual talent. It will certainly be exciting to watch if this squad can live up to the pre-season hype.


Augmented Nights

A stark contrast to many of the other teams in the upcoming season, Augmented Nights is not a part of any big organizations. Put simply, they are a group of friends that are looking to play in a competitive environment for a fun experience. Hy67rew handles the team out-of-game, but shot-calling is in the hands of ADC TonsofHam. Augmented Nights also wishes to warn other teams of top laner Virtual Trapp and his tendency to quickly end games if he is able to pick Yasuo (It is unclear if this means a Victory or Defeat). Overall, the team seems very humble and is confident that they can pick up wins throughout the season. They aren’t promising a playoff finish as of right now, but are going to try their hardest throughout the season and are ready to upset the biggest teams.


Hunter’s Association

When asking team captain lofibeats how he would describe his team, I was given the simple answer of “hard-stuck diamond and platinum players that want to win something”. Hunter’s Association has been together for a couple of weeks, and is a group of friends that prioritizes memes out-of-game and seriousness in-game. Lofibeats handles all leadership responsibilities of the team, but most decisions are made as a group. Preliminary information shows that jungler Healthy Mental is the primary threat to other teams. His skills on Taliyah are unmatched, and warns other teams to be careful in letting him get his hands on the champion. I would not count out Hunter’s Association right away if that’s what you’re thinking, because they plan to win first place in the upcoming season. Finally, here is a message to the Nightfall community from lofibeats: “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. (Someone message me on discord if you know what this means…).


Novasphere Gaming

Novasphere Gaming is a competitive organization looking to provide players with an environment in which they can grow as teammates and as individuals. The team’s support player and team leader, MilkCows, took over Novasphere about two months ago after inheriting an admin spot and looks to provide teams in the organization with an optimal playing environment. The team itself has been together for two months, with MilkCows and DarkoticEagle playing on teams together for the past year. Novasphere Gaming is not playing for the sake of prize money, but want to play in a competitive environment where they can work together and focus on matches against the other teams. Shot-calling is a team effort for the team, and MilkCows handles the out-of-game responsibilities as the leader and owner of the organization. I was told that all players on the squad have high ceilings in terms of talent, and that they are all a threat in their respective roles. Finally, Novasphere Gaming takes pride in their teamwork, and truly believe that other teams will not be able to match the team synergy that they have created. Positive scrim results give the team confidence, and they are looking for a first place finish.


Mount Mithras Gaming

Mount Mithras Gaming was created some time ago by jungler MMG Doogz, but has since been restructured into its current form. Although the team has only been together for a few weeks, they are currently playing in the ABL Series and have gotten off to a promising start. MMG Doogz handles most of the in-game shot-calling as well as out-of-game responsibilities, but is confident in all of the players’ abilities to pop off and take control of games. MMG believes that the team can be in contention for one of the top spots at the end of the season, and wants to make sure that other teams do not count them out. MMG Doogz also stated that they are known as the meme team of the ABL, and expects that anyone that believes that statement to prepare for an upset in the upcoming Nightfall Season.



D.O.N.G.E.R, which stands for: “Delusional Offspring Navigating Glamorously Educated Rotations”, is a team that has been together for about 6 months, and has seen its fair share of roster changes throughout this time. The current rendition of D.O.N.G.E.R can best be described as a group of friends that no longer follows the “only business” set of values. In terms of leadership, Luis Rey and Pickaxe share the responsibility, and are proud of the communication that occurs as a result. D.O.N.G.E.R also takes pride in the talent of their ADC Colin8tor, and believe that his ability to play mage champions at a high level is one of their major strengths as a team. Opposing teams that aren’t used to playing against mage bot lanes will have a difficult time when matched against them. D.O.N.G.E.R has been performing well in recent scrims, and puts quite a lot of faith in their communication. As long as this quality remains strong, then D.O.N.G.E.R will have no problem having a top finish this season. Luis Rey would also like the Nightfall community to know that they should all mute Colin8tor due to his cringe-worthy trash talk. (His words, not mine…).


Dynasty Esports

Recently formed, Dynasty Esports is a group of friends that has recently made some new player acquisitions in order to compete at a high level in both solo queue and competitive play. The core group of Tilted, Zuna, and Asuna Yuuki has been playing together for a long time, and leader Tilted is confident that the new acquisitions will be a positive decision for the team. In fact, the team is playing strictly to succeed and improve, so all friendships will need to be put on hold for this season. Tilted is the in-game shot caller and carry for the team, and believes his impact on the other lanes is their primary strength as a team. In addition to this, Asuna Yuuki can also be considered a threat due to falling under the radar in the early-game and coming back with unmatched mechanics in the late-game. Dynasty Esports is confident they can have a high placing finish, but they have some obvious kinks they need to work out with their new team. On an inspirational note, Dynasty Esports would like members of the Nightfall community to know that hard work and dedication on competitive teams helped increase their skill level, and would like everyone to know that improving is possible for all players that are willing to try a competitive environment.


EGO Esports

EGO eSports is an organization by the players for the players, and was formed in late June of 2018 and quickly got involved into competitive gaming and content creation. They thrive to create a home for players and a family environment for all, and to make the players and community their first priority. The team has been together for close to a year now, which makes them the longest running team in the Nightfall. EGO is most known for their second-place finish in Nightfall Season 4 and first-place finish in Season 3, and has always been an entertaining team to watch. EGO JaK is the main leader of the team, and splits shot-calling with their All-Star jungler EGO Bishan. Although EGO Bishan is a major threat in the jungle, EGO Horizon, the support for the team, has made considerable improvements to his play and is definitely a player to watch this season. EGO JaK has absolute faith in his team to sweep the competition, and believes they are unstoppable if they can successfully execute their strategy. It is clear that EGO Esports is here to win, but are mainly putting their focus on improving as a team.


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