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After Partnering with Nightfall, Revenants Esports will be featuring our leagues and tournaments here!

We will be featuring two new leagues this season after our introductory league. The two leagues will be a Gold/Plat, and a Plat/Diamond featuring a points based system for the players to help balance the playing field based on the rosters. To see our full sets of rules, You can reference the tournament listings here on the website, or go directly to the google docs:
Gold/Plat:  Rulebook
Plat/Diamond:  Rulebook
Our matches will also feature casting as often as available!

League Entrance and Dates:
The entrance fees for both leagues are $25 before the start of the first week.
The Gold Plat league will be starting Monday, October 15th and has open match scheduling.
The Plat Diamond league will be starting Monday, October 22nd and also has open match scheduling.
(Via the rules, both teams will have 7 days from the start of the competitive week to schedule their match and play it for ease of match times)

Both Leagues are 9 week leagues based around 10 teams in a Best of 3 format per our answers via polls on popular format.
They will be followed by two weeks of playoffs, and then an All-Star event afterwards for some additional rewards and fun.


The Prizes for these leagues are:
1st place$100, guaranteed and paid entry into next split ($25 value)
2nd place$50, guaranteed entry into next split
3rd place$25, guaranteed entry into next split

These prizes are the GUARANTEED amounts. If donations or other forms of income are put towards the league, these prizes will only go up. These are just the base amounts that are promised no matter what to the winners.

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues feel free to contact Arctic directly on discord [REV] Arctic#9301
or join our LoL discord and speak with the administrative team.
Our Discord

We will also be actively hosting many other events as far as ultimate bravery nights, free agent tournaments, viewing parties, and more! All of our competitive events feature giveaways, prizes, and other incentives for those who come out and join in the fun so don’t be shy!

We look forward to seeing you on the rift!