Revenant League Rules

Revenants Championship League


Entry Requirements:

  1. Entire Team roster (including subs) must be within the rank restrictions (plat 5 through diamond 1). There will be no exceptions to this rule. No players outside of this bracket may play or be listed as subs for this league.
  2. All teams must have no more than 10 players at any given time (5 starting roster, and 5 subs). These players may be freely changed only during the mid point break of the season (between week 4 and 5 of the split).
    Because 10 players are allowed to be maintained on the roster, emergency subs outside of the 10 players will not be allowed

  3. All teams are required to pay the RCL entrance fee of $25.00 per 10 man team BEFORE the start of the first competitive week (the Monday that the league starts). If this entrance fee is not paid in full, the team will be ineligible to participate in the league.
  4. Teams must be in reputable standing as a general rule of thumb. Players who have a history of toxicity and are not at least honor 2 will be on a ONE chance opportunity and must be approved by staff. This is also to help prevent new and suspicious accounts.
  5. All members of a roster must be confirmed through the administrative staff. The staff reserve all rights to turn away suspicious looking accounts based on their discretion after fair review. Any and all accounts that are turned down will have evidence provided to the responsible team in a timely and professional manner.
  6. All teams must agree that they are responsible for scheduling their match times with their opponents once the weekly matchups are released at the beginning of the split. If a team fails to schedule their match within 7 days of the competitive week’s start, they will forfeit said match (if the competitive week starts on a Monday, you have until the end of the following Monday to play your Bo3 match).

Match Format:

  1. Each match during the regular split will be a best of 3 format. All 3 games are to be played in succession, not individually at different times or dates. Teams may take 5 minutes between games to talk over their draft, use the bathroom, or grabs snacks.  No exceptions to this format may be made at any given time during the regular split.
  2. Playoffs at the end of the split will be a best of 5 games format. These games will be played in succession with up to 5 minutes break between each game.
  3. Subs may be made between games, but no players listed outside of the 10 man roster may be played in any individual series.
  4. All games will be played in tournament draft format. No exceptions to this may be made, and all teams must be in standard LCS order in the lobby prior to starting the games.
  5. Use of pro draft will be allowed, provided both teams agree to it with reasonable notice beforehand. If a team presents a need for pro draft without discussing it prior, it will be treated as a delay of game by that team until the drafting process begins. Pro draft must be scheduled, approved and overseen by a Moderator.
  6. Teams will be allowed up to 15 minutes of pause time at most during a game per game. If a team exceeds this limit, they forfeit that individual game. To clarify, that is 15 minutes PER game meaning a maximum of 45 minutes by the end of game 3 if the series goes that long. However, that does NOT mean a team may use more than 15 minutes in any single game.
  7. Players are required to be in their team lobbies on the Revenants Discord during their match. Only the players actively playing in the match may be in the team lobbies during the match. Subs and coaches are not allowed to be in the team lobbies if they are not actively in the game at hand.

  8. Teams are allowed at most to play their matches one week in advance, provided administrative staff are informed (in case of people being out of town/unavailable or otherwise). However, both teams must agree to playing that match ahead of schedule.


Lobby and Behavior:

  1. All teams (coach optional, but must leave after draft) are to be in the match lobby by their schedule times with the other team. This time may not be adjusted within 4 hours of the start time.
  2. If a team is late to their match the consequences are as follows:
    10 minutes late: loss of second phase bans
    15 minutes late: loss of first phase bans
    20 minutes late: forfeit of one game.

  3. All players must exhibit sportsmanlike behavior in their matches. Mastery and emotes are allowed, but excessive emote spamming, flaming, or backing BMing etc. is NOT allowed. Ruling on these issues is strictly up to the administrative staff on a case by case basis.

Post Game Results:

  1. All teams are required to screenshot their post game results in the match results channel under the RAL section of the Revenants Discord. All results must be confirmed by both teams or the match in question will not count. This means that for a best of 3 that goes to all 3 games requires 3 screenshots. One for each game.
  2. For best of 5’s in the playoffs, the same format applies. A screenshot from each game of the series needs to be submitted.


Caster Scheduling:

  1. Due to the free scheduling nature of the league casting is not guaranteed, but we will try our best to provide casting for every possible match.
  2. After a match time is agreed upon by both parties, if you wish to have your games casted, make sure to post your match time and who it is with in the Caster Scheduling channel for RAL in the Revenants Discord.
  3. For proper scheduling purposes involving the casters, matches need to be posted in the scheduling channel at least 1 day prior to the match so arrangements can be made.


League Length:

  1. The league will be 9 weeks of standard play between 10 teams. With one best of 3 once per week per team.
  2. The standard season will be followed by two weeks of playoffs with a best of 6 bracket with the top 2 seeds getting a bye week. The 3rd and 6th seeds as well as the 4th and 5th seeds will play each other. Then the 1st seed will play the lowest seed to continue in the brackets and the 2nd seed will play the other for semi finals.


Team Points:

  1. All teams must fall within 30 points for their active playing roster in any given game. Players will be worth a set amount of points based on their rank at the start of the season. Ranks are pointed as follows:
    Diamond 1 = 12 points

Diamond 2 = 10 points
Diamond 3 = 9 points
Diamond 4 = 7 points
Diamond 5 = 6 points
Platinum 1 = 5 points
Platinum 2 = 4 points

Platinum 3 = 3 points
Platinum 4 = 2 points
Platinum 5 = 1 points

Prize Pool:

  1. The first place team will receive $100 along with other rewards such as game keys as well as guaranteed and paid entry for the next split should they choose to participate.
  2. The Second place team will receive $50 and have a guaranteed entry in the next split should they choose to participate.
  3. The Third place team will receive $25 and also have a guaranteed entry in the next split should they choose to participate.
  4. The overall prize pool for 1st-3rd place may be increased by donations from the teams as well as outside parties. The prizes listed are just the base rewards guaranteed for placing in the league.