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Introduction to Season 5

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Hello everyone,

Going into the 5th season of Nightfall, we wanted to make an early step towards better communication. These are our plans for next season, well in advance of our expected start time.

We value the input that we received from the community at the start of our most recent season, so we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and concerns with what we have planned.

As always, our goal is for all players to have a fun and competitive experience, and we are prepared to do everything we can to create that environment.
Season Structure

We are going to be staying true to our changes from last season as discussed with the community, and we will be focusing on two leagues: Premier and Crystal. Unfortunately, we will be discontinuing our Chrome League for the time being.

This decision was primarily made due to the lack of interest from players during the season, which resulted in teams dropping mid-way. Also, smurfing was more prevalent in this league, which led us to the decision of next season continuing without Chrome League until we find a better way to handle common issues that arise.

Premier League

  • Requirements:
    ⦁ All players Diamond 3 and below eligible
    ⦁ Cut-off for rank: October 31st
    ⦁ All accounts will undergo review prior to team acceptance
    ⦁ Number of Teams TBD (Based on Interest)

Crystal League

  • Requirements:
    ⦁ All Players Platinum 1 and below eligible
    ⦁ One Diamond 5 player will be eligible
    ⦁ Cut-off for rank: October 31st
    ⦁ All accounts will undergo review prior to team acceptance
    ⦁ Number of Teams TBD (Based on Interest)

Same requirements as Season 4, but now with ample time to prepare a team and make sure that you are being accepted with no chance of a player suddenly becoming ineligible.

We are implementing a new system for vetting players and reviewing them before they commit to the new season, and we are confident that there will not be any issues regarding accounts, which has been a common issue in the past.

All teams will be reviewed thoroughly before they are accepted into either league. The sooner you submit a roster, the faster you will be cleared to play. The Season will start sometime in November (TBD), but remember the rank-cut off will be October 31st.

Registration Discount

We will be launching a discount campaign for teams that are ahead of the curve and willing to join one of the leagues in advance.

If you register a team and we clear you for play in of our leagues prior to October 31st, you will receive a 10% discount on your overall buy-in. This will not affect your payout at the end of the season! Here is a reminder on the buy-in prices:

Premier League Buy-In: $75.00
With Discount: $67.50

Crystal League Buy-In: $50.00
With Discount: $45.00

Community Events

We got a lot of positive feedback regarding our implementation of 1v1 tournaments, ARAM’s, and competitive 5v5 weekend tournaments. We will be having a LOT more of these events throughout Nightfall Season 5, and you do not need to be enrolled in one of the two leagues to participate!

Some of these events will have monetary rewards, and some will be for fun and bragging rights, so keep an eye out for announcements for when these events are planned.

Looking Forward
We are excited for the new season, and hope you are as well. We will continue making improvements to the website and our Twitch stream to further improve your experience with us here at Nightfall. Stay tuned for more detailed announcements in the future and feel free to message an admin on Discord if you have any questions!

Co-owner and Journalist
Nightfall Gaming

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