• League of Legends April 10, 2019

    Mid-Season Admin...

    Introduction Hello Nightfall, I wanted to take the time to collect my thoughts on Nightfall Season 6 since we have,,,

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  • League of Legends April 8, 2019

    Interview with the...

    Hello Nightfall! I had the opportunity to speak with the bot lane duo of Fruition Premier: FE Lokidosi and FE,,,

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  • League of Legends February 4, 2019

    Season 6 Update!

    First off, NightFall would like to thank everyone for another successful season. Whether you were a player, coach, or viewer,,,,

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  • NightFall News November 13, 2018

    Season 5 Nightfall...

    NF Galaxy To start off, NF Galaxy is a team that is directly sponsored by Nightfall Gaming, and will be,,,

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  • NightFall News October 3, 2018

    Introduction to...

    [wp-discord server_id=”331494737133568002″ theme_class=”wpd-dark” member_count=”0″] Hello everyone, Going into the 5th season of Nightfall, we wanted to make an early step,,,

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